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Where are we?

Where are we?

Here in historic Gascony, the old name for our region, you will find “la gare de Sos” but you won’t find “Gascony” on a modern-day map. Gascony spans roughly from Bordeaux to Toulouse and if you trace a slightly squiggly diagonal line between these two amazing cities on a map, we’re pretty much bang in the middle of them. Today our area has the departmental name “Lot et Garonne”, or department 47, which is in the French region of Nouvelle Aquitaine.  We are located in between the villages of Sos and Sainte Maure de Peyriac, area code 47170. Whilst the station is named Sos, you actually cross the commune frontier when you traverse the river Gélise and so we are officially in Sainte Maure de Peyriac. The D656 goes through Sos, take the D109, a very sharp left hand turn just out of Sos village, then weave down the hill, over the river and turn left into the avenue of plane trees, then look out for the station on the right hand side.  If you get a bit lost, think about railways generally being built in the valley bottom, you need to descend from either village to find us.  The local shop in Sos has an old map & information board outside and there is a newer version opposite.  This map link will take you to the station in Google maps.

Travelling by car or two wheels from Bordeaux, Toulouse or Bergerac will take you through the heart of the vines.  From Bordeaux you will also encounter the sandy pine forests of the bordering department, The Landes, for part of your journey and, depending on which route you follow, from Bergerac too you may well find yourself on the edge of the forest as you get closer to us. Don’t panic, you will get out of there eventually – this is the largest man-made forest in Western Europe, largely maritime pine and a forest on an industrial scale. 

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Here’s a drone video from late summer 2023 of la gare de Sos and The Pump House, thanks to Mick for putting this together for us