Station Vacation
Who are we?

Who are we?

Lee and Tracey Green, former British Rail workers, met at Oxley Intercity Train Depot in 1996. Our first holiday here was in 2003, our honeymoon was spent here in 2005 and twenty or so holidays later we are now the proprietors of la gare de Sos and The Pump House. We just love it here. We loved our railway cottage in Shropshire on the Cambrian line from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and had twenty special years there but hope to make another twenty odd years of memories here. Do come and join us on the journey…..

A Few Acknowledgements

A great big thank you to all the people who have supported us so far.  Lee knew from the first evening here, back in 2003 that he’d like to live here one day and “Voila”, we made it happen. 

Thank you to David for saving la gare de Sos in the first place. Thank you to good ole British Rail who gave us job security & pensions.  Thank you to our wonderful friend and support in France who grafts with enthusiasm, is full of ideas and keeps us going to make the changes and improvements here.  He knows who he is, and we love our Cider-Fridays with him when the end of the working week comes around! 

Thank you to family & friends who contributed with feedback & photos, and to Joel, a repeat Station guest, who provided the lovely, stylised photo of the station and pool on our website.  The website would not have happened without Lee’s godson and his exceptional talent, thanks Brad. To everyone who reads our newsletters and is interested in our adventure, thank you for reading and especially for your replies – it means a lot to us – it’s great to hear your news and about life outside of Sos!

And to the people we have met here in Sos and round and about, warm & friendly, helpful & happy, “un grand grand Merci” from Tracey & Lee in a new tab)